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With a varied and interesting program, the Sutherland Shire Philatelic Society has something for everyone interested in stamps. Circuit books, Table displays, Members auction nights, Displays.

Visitors are most welcome

Sutherland Shire Philatelic Society

Special Events

Sutherland Spring Stamp Fair, an annual event. (This year: 27 October 2018)

The Society holds a monthly Stamp Fair on the 1st Saturday of each month, more details.

Past Special Events

60th Anniversary Stamp Exhibition (29 October 2016)

Meeting Time

Second Tuesday of each month, meetings commence at 8pm, (doors open at 7pm).

Meeting Place

Club on East (1st floor), 7 East Parade (corner of Oxford Street), Sutherland NSW 2232 (see map below ).
There is secure off street car parking outside the club meeting rooms

Membership fees

Adults - $10.00 per year, Family - $10.00 per year, Junior- free. (fees are due on the 1st January each year)


On Tour
Paul Storm

India-Handstruck Scinde Dawks and Lithograph Issues (1685-1856)
Dr V. Shukla

Mail Coaches
Allan Dexter

Cocos Island
Noel Parish

Helen Dunn

G.B. Booklets
John Hoppitt

Display from Philas

AFL-Cards and Stamps
Dylan Wackett

Annual General Meeting

China and Taiwan Train Sheets
Ian Hoppitt

Sutherland Spring Stamp Fair
(annual fair)

Children's Themes
Doug Grinter

End of Year Party and Private Sales

Lenore Callender

Papua and New Guinea
Keith Small

RAAF Postal History
Andrew Brockett

Dollar Dazzlers
Graeme Morrison

Australian History
Bob Osborne

USA Flags
Mal Nicholson

Åland (Aland)
Win Morehouse

Ted Smith

Special Display
Dinner and Annual General Meeting

Flying Boats
Hugo Ferguson

60th Anniversary Stamp Exhibition
one-day event, also Sutherland Spring Stamp Fair 1 frame compeittion

Canada Mini Sheets
John Hoppitt

End of Year Party and Private Sales

Philas Collection – Russia Part 1

More Hearts
Lenore Callender

Botany and Horticulture
Wendy Ferguson

Some Dunedin Postal History 1900 to 1950
Lynda McCarthy

Michelle Chalson

Hungarian Cinderellas
Graeme Morrison

Beards on Australian Stamps
Doug Grinter

New Zealand Minisheets
John Hoppitt

Club Competition
Annual General Meeting

Athens Olympics
Jim Efthimiou

Sutherland Spring Stamp Fair

Argentine Antarctic
Sergio Paganani

End of Year Party and Private Sales

no meeting

Richard Bates - Stamp Designer

Quiz Night
Phil Morehouse

Helen Dunn

Stamps on Stamps
Hugo Ferguson

Ian Hoppitt

no meeting

Swedish Maximaphily
Win Morehouse

Club Competition
Annual General Meeting

Europa - Transport
Laurent Villoing Europa

Sutherland Spring Stamp Fair

Naval Ships
Carl Verdich

End of Year Party and Private Sales

Services Available

Affiliated with

The Philatelic Association of NSW (Philas)


Contact Us

Postal Address: Secretary, PO BOX 339 SUTHERLAND NSW 1499

Life Members

David Southgate, Ann Ainsworth, Helen Dunn, Bob Osborne, Mal Nicholson, Lenore Callender, John Hoppitt, Graeme Morrison

Stanley Griffith Award

Helen Dunn, Hugo Ferguson, Graeme Mossison, Michael Newman, Mal Nicholson, Bob Osborne, Garnet Scott


Club on East (was Sutherland United Services Club)