Activities at our meetings

The benefits of joining a junior stamp club is the friendships each child makes plus the gathering of not just a stamp collection but also the collection of the knowledge of information behind the stamps which are issued.
After coming to the first meeting we also help all members obtain storage and caring utensils for their collections (we have tweezers, magnifiers, stock books and others items which we obtained cheaply and pass on the savings to the children).
Some activities at meetings include wordsearch and catalogue search games, stamp dominoes, stamp mastermind, stamp concentration and competitions.

About Us

Our club offers assistance with the collection of and information about the hobby of postage stamp collecting. We also believe that with help from our stamp collecting friends we can achieve a good balance of fun and friendship in the bettering of our understanding
of our hobby.
Our membership ages range from 5 - 16 years, to some older members who both enjoy as well as help educate the younger members (one our members passed away at the young age of 75 years, he began by bringing his grandson to one meeting and continued to come even after his grandson left our juniors, joined the Navy and left Australia.)
We encourage parents to stay and learn what their children are collecting and proceed as their children are progressing.
Once the child has experienced the fun of each meeting we also encourage them to bring along a friend or friends so that they also can join in the fun.
Our meetings are held close to a shopping centre so if the parents want to buy anything for lunch or take their children out for lunch there is plenty of places to go.
As our meetings are held at a stamp bourse we have ample adult
supervision at all times.
Yours in Friendship
Stephen Morris

Meeting Time

11am to 1pm - 3rd Sunday of each month

Meeting Place

Wallsend Community Centre (aka Wallsend Pioneers Memorial Hall), Cowper Street Wallsend 2287 (see map below ).

Membership fees


Affiliated with

Newcastle Philatelic Society Inc

Newcastle Stamp & Coin Fair


Contact Us

Stephen Morris
Postal Address: PO Box 225 Newcastle NSW 2300
Phone: 02 4952 7302


Newcastle Philatelic Society Inc