About Us

The Philatelic Society of Australia was first mentioned in journals in 18**. It went into recess about 1900, and it has held continuous meetings since 1911.

We offer the following services to our members, Information, interesting displays, auctions at each meeting, competitions, Christmas luncheon and the only daytime (week day) meeting in Sydney.

Library - We donated our library to Philatelic Association of NSW (PHILAS) and our members may borrow from this extensive library.

Membership about 50 with attendance at each meeting being around 20.

Tea or coffee with a biscuit provided. You may bring a sandwich and stay for lunch.

Members of the PSA were recently interviewed by George & Phil Stephenson of Radio 2RDJ-FM for this station’s weekly Kaleidoscope Program. Topics discussed included a brief account of the Society’s 100-year history followed by a discussion of current trends in philately.
This interview may be heard on 2RDJ-FM (88.1 FM) on Sunday 19 June & repeated on Tuesday 21 June at 9.05 am.

Meeting Time

3rd Wednesday of each month (except December) 10.30am to 12.30pm
(room opens at 10am)

Meeting Place

Philas House, 17 Brisbane Street Surry Hills NSW 2010 (see map below ).

Membership fees

Adults $5.00 p.a (due in October)


Display: Victoria
Ian Hay

Display: RAAF WWII Postal History
Andrew Brockett

Display: British West Indies
Daphne Martin

19th Members 1-Frame Display
(16 pages for "Cyril McColough Award") Charity Auction and Christmas Lunch - 99 ON YORK

Display: Malaya - Native States to 1910
Jeff Newman

Display: Nobel Prize for Physics
Brian Philpott

Display: Hitler's Philatelic Propaga
Frank Whitfield

Display: Indo China
Robert Herzog

Display: New Zealand to 1935
Peter Thomas

Display: China - Mao Zedong - Then & Now
Ruth Mitchell

Display: France from 1980
George Boski

Display: Maps to Stamps & inter alia
Jayen Wallace

Display: Japan
Daphne Martin

Annual General Meeting
Members 1-frame Display
15-16 pages for Cyril McColough Award

Display: 60th Anniversary of 1956 Olympic Games (by Wilson Ilbery)
Charity Auction
Christmas Lunch (at 99 On York)

Display: Malaya - Native States 1910 - 1956
Jeff Newman
(Last year was period to 1910)

Display: Nobel Prize for Chemistry
Brian Philpott
(last year was Nobel Prize for Physics

Display: Hungary with Revenues & Cinderellas
Graeme Morrison

Display: New Zealand 1935 Pictorials
Lionel Savins

Display: Allied Occupation of Germany 1945 - 1949
Frank B Whitfield

Display: Peel & Stick Revolution
Barbara Hancock

Display: New Zealand
John Hoppitt

Display: Before Roland Hill
Daphne Martin

Display: Europa 1956
Laurent Villoing Europa series

Annual General Meeting
Members Postcard Display
15-16 pages for Cyril McColough Award

Members 1-frame Display, Charity Auction
15-16 pages for Cyril McColough Award
Christmas Lunch (at 99 On York)

Display: Siam (Thailand) 1877 - 1949
Jeff Newman

Display: Lions Club Philately
Ted Henebery

Display: Life in the French Navy
Laurent Villoing

Display: Bermuda
Peter Brigden

Display: Channel Islands
Robert Herzog

Display: Road to Hyperinflation: Germany 1919 to 1923
Frank B Whitfield

Display: Engraver - Czeslaw Slania
Brian Philpott

Display: Ancient Peru
Daphne Martin

Display: China
Ruth Mitchell

Annual General Meeting
15-16 pages for Cyril McColough Award. George Boski

Members 1-frame Display, Charity Auction
15-16 pages for Cyril McColough Award
Christmas Lunch (at 99 On York)

Services Available

Affiliated with

The Philatelic Association of NSW (Philas)


Contact Us

Secretary: Alan Wright
Phone: 0401 924 650
Postal Address: Philatelic Society of Australia, C/o Philas PO Box 220, DARLINGHURST 1300